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10 Mistakes people make in retirement

Portfolio Design In Retirement

Sample client portfolios

Legacy & Estate Transfer

Documents that should be created/updated.

  • Trust Documentation
  • Will(s)
  • Power of Attorney(s)
  • Letter of Instruction(s)
  • Medical Directive(s)
  • Beneficiary Designation Form(s)
  • Organ Donation Form(s)

Legacy Transfer Plan

Money is one subject families are often reluctant to discuss. Death is another. Combine them – as in talking about your estate plan – and avoidance is a common reaction. Royal Wealth Management understands these challenges and facilitates the process of developing a legacy transfer plan that includes the following: 

1) Pinpointing your family's vision. 

2) Identify your assets and liabilities. 

3) Focusing on the legal documentation. 

4) Consistently reviewing the Legacy Transfer Plan