It’s pretty simple: cash is not a good investment. After taxes, inflation, and its current expected return (zero), idle cash actually loses buying power when held in an investment portfolio over the long-term. In other words, cash is a drag on your returns.

Royal Wealth Management is hardly the only investment manager to take this stance regarding idle cash. In a research paper published in Financial Analysts Journal last year, Vanguard founder John Bogle cited cash drag as one of the ways investors are not making the most of their investments.

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Idle Cash Maximizer Strategies

Our firm understands you have worked hard to build a solid financial foundation. As you look to the future, our strategies are built for income tax deferral and family protection. And there are several index investing options to choose from.

Our Idle Cash Maximizer Strategies help you:

  • Share in the gains of a corresponding index
  • Several Index options to use
  • Avoid the downside of fluctuating markets
  • Earn income-tax deferred growth
  • Receive tax-free income 
  • Obtain living health benefits 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum to open an account?

There is no account minmum.


Can I access my money?

Yes. The money in this type of strategy can be accessed.


How safe is my money?

The money is guaranteed not to participate in market losses.


What type of return could I expect?

Royal Wealth Management's goal for these assets are between 0% and 17% on an average annual basis.


Does the money stay in my account or mingled with all the other investors?

Money is always separated and kept in separate accounts.

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